Silver Solution: Additional Applications

Gordon Pedersen: There are life threatening situations that can occur, that are caused by bacteria, viruses and mould. One would be a respiratory tract infection like bronchitis or pneumonia, even a sinus infection. In addition to that, bacteria causes acne, here is a solution for all of those all at once. I take this hot plate, we turn it on and it has a face shield. So now silver has been placed in the hot plate, it’s creating a steam. I’m going to inhale it and imagine a tiny particle of silver being inhaled deep into my lungs and fighting that pneumonia, the bronchitis, the sinus infections and cleansing my face at the same time. While I’m demonstrating this, do you want to talk a little bit about facials and what it does for you when you use silver like this? Notice when it steams up, I’m inhaling the steam form of silver.

Cynthia Eaton: A lot of things happening here all at the same time. The pores open from the steam so that the silver can go in and help resolve the commuted changes of acne, the sinuses are being cleared and the silver is moving up into the sinuses and giving relief of pressure and discomfort there. And the machine is smiling at me as the silver also goes down into the throat and pharyngeal area.

Gordon Pedersen: So as you can see this is one more to all that can help not only the skin, but can help the sinuses, can help the respiratory tract but if I want to penetrate deeper up into my sinuses how about this cool little tool?

Cynthia Eaton: This is a metered nasal inhaler which again can be used for sinus infections, common cold, flue, anything that’s causing that horrible congestion within the nasal passages.

Gordon Pedersen: And what if I just want to spray it to your skin or what if I want to spray it on a teenager’s tennis shoes? This will actually kill the odour caused by bacteria. We’ve that EPA certified as well, so you can actually kill smells. Will that be appropriate to spray on fruits and vegetables in your refrigerator, in your phone and in your computer as well as my new friend down here?

Cynthia Eaton: Absolutely, and put your finger, plug your ears. It’s wonderful for hot flashes. It’s absolutely for the, when you get one of those horrible flashes that’s starting from the neck up, it provides instant relief, cools you down, makes you feel better, good for your skin, good for wrinkles. And we can’t let Gordon know every secret or we have to kill him so I made him plug his ears.

Gordon Pedersen: I mean.

Cynthia Eaton: Alright you can put your ears on.

Gordon Pedersen: Can I put my mask on then?

Cynthia Eaton: Yes, you can put your mask on.

Gordon Pedersen: What a fine idea, this is a mud mask. It’s nothing more than powdered mud that you mix with liquid, put onto your face and it draws the toxins out. Want to make it one step better? Use a couple of teaspoons of liquid silver, mix the mud up, put it on your face and now that I will not only draw the toxins out of your skin but it’ll do so in an antibacterial fashion.

Cynthia Eaton: And let me just, let me add a few things that are really fun at home. I actually got this recipe from several of my patients who do this with the silver. You can take natural things that make your own facials by using plain yoghurt, don’t use any flavoured yoghurt, that won’t work well, but plain yoghurt, raw eggs, oat meal and a silver mixed make a beautiful scrub and facial and leaves your skin absolutely glowing. So that’s fun if you ever feel like just to make a natural facial on your own.

Gordon Pedersen: From a natural world right back to the medical world, in the medical world we can also treat respiratory tract infections as well, can’t we?

Cynthia Eaton: Absolutely.

Gordon Pedersen: We have a nebulizer here. Now I put this nebulizer out here and I’m going to let you to hold that if you will. And all we do is turn this on, air is pumped through the hose and then liquid silver is placed in there and mist comes out. I’m going to put some liquid in there.

Cynthia Eaton: Actually why don’t you turn it off first because otherwise it’s going to blow the liquid right in my face. I’m on to you. Behind every great man there’s a woman who is smarter than he is. Oki dok. You’ve got girl power growing all over here.

Gordon Pedersen: I’m not going to fly with it, embrace it.

Cynthia Eaton: Alright now, turn it on.

Gordon Pedersen: Now the mist that comes out of here can be utilized as respiratory therapy. While you’re inhaling it is going deep into the lungs for pneumonia, bronchitis, even sinus infections.

Cynthia Eaton: Asthma.

Gordon Pedersen: So no matter what, even if it doesn’t address the cause which it probably will, it’s going to reduce inflammation and pain and it’s going to take the secondary infection later.

Cynthia Eaton: Did you talk about how long we’ve to do it?

Gordon Pedersen: I didn’t, this is a 30 minutes a day. You can be doing it 15 minutes in the morning, 15 minutes at night or you can do 30 minutes all at once.

Cynthia Eaton: Which is important because that is longer than a typical atrovent or other type of medication type treatment. It’s a little bit longer. So, don’t be discouraged if you use it once or twice and it doesn’t seem to be working as well as you expected to. It may take a little longer because it’s a very very small particle as we talked about at the beginning of the segment, it’s a very small particle, it moves in and out of the body very rapidly, it goes into the urinary tract and you excrete it very rapidly and so it may take several treatments. But trust me, it’s killing bacteria and making you better every single time and you may need 15 to 20 minutes at a time.

Gordon Pedersen: If want to get the sinuses cleared and we found that most medical professionals have MRSA and other bacteria in their sinuses. Can I give you that? You know what I’ll do?

Cynthia Eaton: You’re going to put it up into your nose.
You’re going to put it up my nose, it’s better than the other orifice that you’ve been talking about. So we’ve it simply put. You have a Q-tip with a little gel and you can place it in your nostrils and you can swab it around. Does this occur in the medical profession on a regular basis?

Cynthia Eaton: Using the gel in the nose?

Gordon Pedersen: Yeah.

Cynthia Eaton: I don’t know. I use it on my patients.

Gordon Pedersen: I do know that this exists and for that reason I brought it. Here is a simple tube that when I break it, out comes a gel on a Q-tip. If you don’t want to pay $4 and 50 cents for a gel on a Q-tip that you can put into your nostrils, this is an easy way to do it at home. So yes, the medical world does use this and on a regular basis. I also use gel on a toothbrush, very simply put. Since there’s a lot of germs in your mouth, bacteria can be killed when you brush your teeth if you take a gel and you brush with the toothbrush. You can swallow this or if you have to have a flavor, you can put half toothpaste, half gel and now you got a situation where you can brush your teeth and feel the same taste, the same looks, the same, but you’re killing bacteria. Is that important?

Cynthia Eaton: Extremely important. Gingivitis is one of the most common ailments we see today. It causes people to have gum surgery, pain, receding teeth, those kinds of things. The gel just beautifully treats the gums, treats the teeth. You can also put the gel on a toothbrush if you have problems with, some people get bad breath and a fuzzy tongue and all those things. You can also brush your tongue with it as well as your gums with it.

Gordon Pedersen: And when we floss, we actually cut the gums, how about if we just pop the top open and pour two tablespoons of the liquid in there. We put the lid the back on, wait just a minute or so. And now we have dental floss that has liquid silver sol so when we can go across our gums and we leave open wounds in there, it’ll help heal and protect against infections as well.

Cynthia Eaton: Well let’s go back to, before we leave the head, let’s talk about cold sores and canker sores and perpetic lesions, because that’s a huge concern for a lot of patients.

Gordon Pedersen: Well, what we do is very simply this. We know that we can destroy a virus, especially the herpes virus which would be a fever blister. Herpes can also occur in the genital areas as well. So, it’s going to work in both openings. When we put it on a genital lesion, you just put it on and keep the tissue moist, same thing applies to the lip. If I got a fever blister and I want to just keep it wet, I got to put this on regularly. So now I can put it on my lips, I can put it in my mouth, not taste, there’s no colour, there’s no discomfort. But know this, if you catch that virus when it’s erupting in the first 4 hours and you coated and keep it wet with this and that might mean every half an hour you’ve to keep it moist with this gel, you’re going to kill that virus off so that it won’t erupt, it won’t spread and it’ll never even rupture. But if it gets past 4 hours, it’s going to go ahead and rupture. If it ruptures and starts to spread, know that the gel keeping it moist, well actually bring your healing into control for you, it’ll heal probably twice as fast, if not three times as fast.

Cynthia Eaton: If your lips have a canker sores or perpetic lesions or they’re cracked and bleeding, if you’ve sun burn or wind burn from skiing or being in a hot climate like mine in native Florida, then you can take the gel and mix it very effectively with one or two things. You can mix it with aloe which is very nice for warm climates, and you can mix it with petroleum jelly which is really super if you’re skiing for the weekend or you’re out in cold weather to have the gel last a longer amount of time topically on the skin for burn.

Gordon Pedersen: Well there’s no better product than silver for burn. So if you do get burned right on there, that goes for chemical, that goes for sun, that goes for radiation, that goes for all the different kinds of burns, get it on, keep that burn moist and you’re going to have substantial reduction in pain and quicker healing as well.

Cynthia Eaton: That is correct.

Gordon Pedersen: With that all I’ve got one more sinus thing. I just looked down, I saw it. It’s a tube on a spray nozzle. You fill this up with liquid silver – 50% silver liquid, 50% distilled water. Stand over to your sink or even better do it in the shower because you know what, I did this over the sink, it ended up all over my front, it ended up all over my feet, I’m sure because I didn’t have a vagina at that time.

Cynthia Eaton: It’s a boy thing. I just wanted to let it go but you brought it up.

Gordon Pedersen: So, in the nostril we pump, it flows up and through. Then you take and put it into the other nostril and you pump up and through there as well. You can follow up with gel in the nostrils. As you can see we’ve got a very effective way to deal with cleansing, followed up with gel. In the vagina, we can cleanse with a douche, we can follow it up with gel on the tampon. And then the sinuses, same thing, we can flush out the mucus and we can follow up with gel as well. It’s a great combination and don’t forget, two teaspoons twice a day of the liquid, it’s going to help you from the inside out. Do you have any other comments you’d like to make?

Cynthia Eaton: I can’t think of anything else when the use is really really and truly… We could, we could do this for days, we could do this for weeks. It gets a little overwhelming. Which is why, what we chose to do was not be inclusive here. Trust me on that, this is not inclusive. But what we tried to do is we tried to hit the things that I see day after day after day in my clinic and the kinds of things that women ask about, the things they worry about, the things they suffer from the most, are the things that we tried to address today. So be aware that there are other applications, we’ve just hit some of the major ones. We hope you’ll be comfortable with it, we hope you’ll do some research and reading, there’re so many papers and so much research out there. We hope you’ll ask questions. We hope you’ll ask your healthcare provider about us, we can provide them with some information and we hope that you’ll enjoy using a safe silver product.

Gordon Pedersen: Thank you. I want you to know that I’ve had a great time being here. Never before I had a vaginal transplant. I hope that it’s temporary. On the other hand, my heart does go out to all of you who are suffering from problems that are associated with bacteria, virus or yeast infections. And I do know because of the researches that I’ve performed and that I’ve been associated with, that you’re going to have the safest and greatest benefit here doing it for yourself preventively if you’ll just go ahead and learn a few of these techniques. With that I’d like to close and say thanks to Dr. Eaton. I’ve learned a lot about spas, I’ve learned a lot about women, I’ve learned a lot about everything from chocolate to cosmetics in this particular opportunity and I want you to know this product is that good, it is that safe and it is that universal. And if you saw that stack of information, I want you to know that I’m the one that has to go through that and be responsible for that, so I’m the one that says I know it is that beneficial in that many cases but if you try it on one thing, one rash, one blister, one itching, scratching problem or feminine hygiene issue, then you too will know every bit as much as I do that this product works and I hope you’ll put it to the test. Thank you.

Cynthia Eaton: Thank you for letting me be here with you today. I hope you’ll all be now motivated to learn more about silver and use it in your everyday life. Do you think I should give him some chocolate? Do you think I should give him some chocolate? I don’t think so. No chocolate for you.